East Side Games Stream On Twitch.tv

February 27th, 2015


Going live on February 18th, 2015, Vancouver social games mainstay East Side Games have launched a dedicated channel on the video streaming service Twitch, with the purpose of doubling down on their commitment to being a transparent, collaborative studio driven by fan input. Run by the studio’s community champions, the broadcast reveals the faces behind the quirky alter-egos that fans interact with each day, and focuses on giving weekly insight into the latest launches and developments in the world of East Side Game’s massively popular “Pot Farm” franchise.

As of this release, the fledgling stream is two episodes into its run, with hundreds of fans watching live, and thousands more tuning in in the days that follow. With minimal promotion to this point, the stream is a testament not only to the extreme passion and engagement of the “Pot Farm” community, but also to the viability of streaming as an audience involvement tool for social and casual games. As the broadcast evolves, East Side Games has plans to give players live insight into the development of in-game art, preview unreleased titles, and even potentially work with fans on groundbreaking “live design” that incorporates input from the community to create crowdsourced content.

For those interested in participating, viewing past streams, and becoming a part of an innovative initiative in social gaming, visit http://www.Twitch.tv/eastsidegames to follow the show as it evolves. A full programming schedule will be coming soon.

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With an audience of over 10 million downloads and growing across their desktop and mobile game offerings such as “Pot Farm” and “Pot Farm: Grass Roots,” East Side Games is a fiercely independent studio whose fans are their lifeblood. Find out more about the studio, its culture, and available positions at https://www.eastsidegamestudio.com, or keep up to date with daily happenings on social channels such as Twitter (@EastSideGames)