Press Release

DES Games, Jason Bailey, and a mountain of cash have all gotten together to form the latest greatest games studio, EAST SIDE GAMES. This exciting new studio aims to be a powerhouse of Social and Mobile games, focusing on Android and the new Google+ platforms as well as their current staples in Facebook, the open web and iOS. F#CK YEAH!

  • DES Games developed the popular game ‘Pot Farm’,, a unique and highly successful social game on Facebook. East Side Games retains ownership of Pot Farm and 5 other iOS and Facebook games, with over 1 million Monthly Active Users and over 750,000 fans.
  • Jason Bailey, CEO of East Side Games, was the co founder of Super Rewards which pioneered monetization on the facebook platform, paving the way for the virtual goods based games that dominate the platform today. Jason bootstrapped Super Rewards from zero to a 100mm run rate to a healthy eight digit exit all in under 18 months.
  • Josh Nilson remains as Studio Manager. Josh has been working for the last 2 years as Studio Manager at DES Games and helped turn it into one of the most successful and profitable social gaming studios in Vancouver. He has become an industry go to for expertise in the area. Prior to that he worked at Relic Entertainment contributing to the successful and popular RTS games, Dawn of War II and Company of Heroes. He was a Project Manager for an innovative and successful web development startup, Sitemasher.
  • Galan Akin remains as Creative Director. Galan has over 14 years experience in the game industry, as a Lead designer, design consultant, and creative director on a wide variety of projects, from big budget console titles to mobile and social games. At Radical Entertainment he played key roles guiding hit games such as the Simpsons Hit and Run and Scarface: the World is Yours to completion and has extensive experience in IP creation. Galan has been working in the Social games space for 3 years and is developing some exciting new properties for both the Social and Mobile spaces.
  • A pile of cash (1.5 mm) has been raised to to clean up the cap table, leaving Jason Bailey as majority owner, as well as being earmarked for growing the studio.
  • East Side Games begins its life as a dynamic and exciting startup with 2 profitable IPs and more in the works:
    • In Pot Farm, players help their Uncle Floyd and their friends grow over 60 different “crops”, make hemp oil, brownies, “potcorn”, and try to protect their farms from that mean ol’ Ranger Dick. Loads of useful items, quests, and over 300 levels keeps fans coming back for more.
    • In I Like Slots, players compete on a wide variety of fantastic – looking slot machines. Engaging gameplay and 100s of prizes make for a superior slot experience.
    • Launching soon, ZOMBINIS is a collectable battle game featuring adorable and somewhat explosive zombies with detachable body parts and addicting gameplay. Assemble your army of furry (or scaly, or feathery) minions out of discarded stuffed animal parts and battle your friends to become the undisputed ruler of Zombiniland!

East Side Games is a Profitable growing studio, leading the charge in Vancouver and are hiring Producers, Project Managers, Engineers, and Artists.

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