Know someone that would be a great fit for any of our roles? Refer them and we will send you $1000 CAD if they are hired. If you convince them to leave their current gig to take our gig, that’s on you. 😉

Some Minor Little Rules:

  • If your referral applied before you referred them or they were submitted first by an outside agency, I’m sorry, but it isn’t your lucky day…no moola for you.
  • If your referral is already in our Applicant Tracking System, again, it isn’t your lucky day. No moola for you.
  • If your referral is hired, moola for you! We will contact you when they start to see where we can send your $1000 CAD cheque.
  • In the event of any disputes, our small, but super fabulous Recruitment Team will make all final decisions.

What Next?

Fill out the referral form here and have your referral visit the East Side Games jobs page, apply for the applicable position by submitting his/her resume, and finally mention your name as the Referrer.


Your First Name *

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Name of referral:*

Position Title:*

Referral Email:*

Tell us why they would be a great fit for the position:
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   *Yes, I will get my referral to go to the Eastside Games Jobs page, apply to the applicable position, and put my name down as the referrer when they go through the application process.