Core Values


We Are Fiercely Independent

We take pride in doing things differently and embrace having a unique player base. This
attitude allows us to be so much more than just a game studio. We are place where people
come not just to work, but to live, laugh, play and grow. We create products that encourage
laughter and community.


Community Is Everything

Our community made us – we never forget this. Our players inspire us daily as we strive to give them a fun experience.


ESG Cares

We are passionate about where we work, who we work with, and what we support. We have a great culture due to our people and we do what we can to support our industry and the
downtown eastside. #ESGcares


  • Take ownership.
  • “We own our successes and our failures.”

  • Have impact.
  • “We believe we can drive change.”

  • Be humble
  • “We don’t compete, compare, or take ourselves too seriously.”

  • Communicate.
  • “We cut the BS, and more importantly, we don’t forget to listen.”

  • Move forward.
  • “We learn, we adapt, we grow.”

  • Hustle
  • “We get shit done.”