Trailer Park Boys: Greasy August Updates

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy August Events!

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Straight Outta Sunnyvale Event

Pop some Cristal and roll a fat bliiizzzunt!

Today’s the day y’all have been waitin’ for! The Roc Pile be runnin’ some sh*t and bringin the swagga back to Sunnyvale, know’m’sayin’. This event is struttin through the park on August 1st.


Wrestling Event

Time to dust off your spandex and lace up your boots.

Things are about to get sweaty inside the squared circle. Our surprise guest star is ready to make his big entrance… You’re welcome. That’s right, folks! Wrestling is back and ready to jump from the top rope, right into your brain phones on August 8th!

Three F*uckateers Event

Things are getting f*cky for the dwellers of ye olde trailer park!

Join The Three F*cketeers in this brand new event! Who will end up king, and who will wind up half horse-half man? Get caught up in this two-part dope tale, starting on August 15th.

Tom Green Event

The smell of dope and sunscreen is in the air, and you know what that means!

The boys are taking a trip to sail the sloppy seas with Mr. Tom Green. That’s right, it’s cruise season, and this ship is casting off and setting sail for liquor on August 29th.


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