Animation World Network Covers the Art and Animation in Dragon Up

The Animation World Network recently sat down with Dragon Up’s art and animation team and talked about the direction behind Dragon Up’s unique art style and the future of animation in mobile gaming.

To successfully create the quantity of unique visuals called for in the game, the artistic team stuck with the restrictions they had assigned themselves from the beginning of the project. “Many other games focus on a customizable avatar, but we felt this would be too limiting for what we had in mind. Instead we chose to focus on making the design of each dragon unique, but similar enough to be able to share the same set of animations,” McQueen explains. “We made some early decisions that ended up paying off. For instance, we left out arms or legs because we could still sell the idea of ‘dragon’ without them. Once we were able to perfect this formula, the doors flew wide open. Anything can be a dragon, and when you have that much freedom it pretty much becomes a dream job for any artist.”

Check out the full interview at Animation World Network.