Trailer Park Boys: Greasy December Updates!

Trailer Park Boys: December Events!

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Swayzie Express Event

All Aboard!
The Swayzie Express is back and so is Sebastian Bach, here to make your creepy dreams come true! This train is pulling into the station on December 5th at 2PM PST.

Space Camp Event

Blast off in the Space Camp event. Who will bake the tastiest cookies and win a free pass to boldly go where no man’s gone before? Watch out for lunar lunacy while you avoid the big black hole! This event is going sky high on December 12th at 2PM PST.

Jingle Balls All The Way Event

Twas the night before Sh*tmas when all through the park, not a single person was in prison, not even a narc.  The Jingle Balls All The Way event is going live and hanging out under the mistletoe on December 19th at 2PM PST.

Boxing Day Event

Christmas is finally over and it’s time to get rid of all those sh*tty presents.
Randino the elf is here to help, and make things uncomfortable for everyone. This event is role-playing it’s way to a blue light special on December 26th at 2PM PST.

New years Eve Mini Event

It’s NYE and the guards in jail are hammered.
The boys are seeing their window to freedom, but they’re really gonna need to step it up if they wanna reach full wasted level by midnight. This mini event is breaking free on December 31st at 11AM PST.

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