East Side Games
Based in Vancouver, BC

Release date:
April 20, 2010




Be part of the other "green" movement! With over 1,000,000 likes and counting, Pot Farm is the number one underground farming game on Facebook!

Grow all your favorite cash crops like Grandaddy Purple, Sour Diesel and Northern Lights! Or satisfy your munchies with Pizza Flowers, Jellybean Bushes, and Bacon Trees!

But watch out for the Ranger, he's always looking to seize your farm if your protection drops below zero. With monthly updated themed content, the planting and questing never ends!

Co-operate and compete with friends as you strive for the biggest and best Farm!


  • Plant and harvest different strains of cannabis
  • Manufacture cannabis-based food items
  • Complete weekly theme quests and earn rare items
  • Join a rally and send gifts to your neighbours

    Media Coverage

    • "Dude, 'Pot Farm' is totally 'FarmVille' for stoners"
      - Winda Benedetti, NBC News
    • "Farm, Chill, Whatever—It's All Cool With Facebook Game Pot Farm"
      - Drew Cohen, Kotaku
    • "Pot Farm Review"
      - Pete Davison, Inside Social Games

    About East Side Games

    About Us
    East Side Games is a proudly independent and profitable game studio with a collaborative, creative, and fun culture. Our games fund all our new projects, and everyone who works here has a direct impact on the day-to-day business.

    East Side Games has released several hit mobile games including Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money, Pot Farm: Grass Roots, Munchie Farm, Idle Paws and a new puzzle game, Dragon Up: Match 2 Hatch.

    For more information about East Side Games, please visit www.eastsidegames.com

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