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Munchie Farm

Satisfy your Munchie cravings with your own snack friendly farm!

The only way to satisfy your munchie cravings on iOS and soon to be on Android!

Get super stoked on growing insane munchies

Harvest everything from donuts to wiener bushes but watch out for munchie wasps trying to eat your hard earned crops! Give them a firm SQUISH before they snatch your munchies!

Upgrade your Grow Shack

Use water pumps, hydroponic lights, and generators to produce your best plants, the stickiest, and juiciest Munchies.

Run your own Grow Shack and Munchie Mart

Stock your favourite Munchies in your own Munchie Mart. Fill orders and please a colourful cast of stoners by selling them their favourite Snacks! Plus you can sell your Munchies to friends or visit them to buy their Munchies! It’s a firm investment!

Buddiebook is your social network for munchie lovers

Connect with your friends through the only social network for snackers, Buddiebook! Ask for help tending your plants or just tell your friends how much you love the munchies! Build a firm foundation of snack-friendly fellows!

Munchie Farm is currently available:

    •  In the play store soon

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