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High Profits

Currently available WORLDWIDE!

Pot Farm: High Profits is the newest and best grow op simulator for your mobile device! High Profits is an endlessly addictive idle revolution that makes you an instant Marijuana Mogul!

With your entrepreneurial spirit, tap away to unlock luxury items like a Smoke Blazing Lambo, the Stairway To Heaven a Mellow Motorcycle to add to your Stash.

Puff Puff that Grass Up In Smoke to become a virtual Millionaire, Trillionaire or Infi-decillionaire!


  • Grow that Ganja and make bank when you’re away from your phone or tablet
  • Unlock and grow new strains like Purple Kush, Super Skunk and Strawberry Cough
  • Upgrade your Grow Op by purchasing and harvesting thousands of weed plants
  • Hire quirky trimmers to tend to your Cannabis when you’re away from your farm
  • Unlock luxury items like the Giant Bong, Stacks of Cash or even Bling yourself out
  • Go Up In Smoke and earn Puff Puff for your firm to make that bonus cash
  • Turn that Green to Gold and Fertilize those crops with some elusive Guano


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