Technology is the engine that drives everything we do. We’re serious about it.

We’ve invested heavily in purpose-built internal technologies because it lets us do what others can’t. Like our big-data analytics platform and our full-fledged customer service portal, which enables a powerful data-driven design philosophy and reinforces our unique commitment to customer engagement. We build our own platforms and frameworks too. Like our full-stack game development platform for devices and servers, which enables a scalable, cloud-based, multi-platform environment for mobile and web. We build APIs and SDKs that make sense so that everything works together.

To ensure a no-compromise gaming experience, we work with today’s leading technologies, such as Flash, Unity and HTML5. Then, we pair up with scalable cloud-based environments, powered by a healthy mix of stable and cutting-edge components like Apache, MySQL and Couchbase. And we’re constantly trying new things and pushing the limits.

Want to join us? We’re always looking for world-class engineers who want to do amazing things.