East Side Games Culture


Fiercely Independent.

Community is everything.

We make games that don’t suck.

We say these things a lot at East Side Games. We decide what games get made at our studio. We involve our community at every turn of the development process. After launch, we work with our players to drive features, content and engagement.

What’s it like at East Side Games?

Culture is king here, so we do things differently from other companies. We have weekly catered lunch and meetings at the pub. We work lean and smart. We put in an honest day’s work. We make mistakes and learn from them. Oh, and we drink decent coffee.

Every year we host Swill and Spill, where anyone in the company can pitch a game idea and turn it into our next big hit. We don’t care if you’re the CEO, the programmer or the janitor, we’re letting anyone pitch. The best ideas emerging from the Swill and Spill will have a shot at a 3-day prototype and a full game. Iterative prototyping, constant feedback, and studio support fuel all of our projects. At East Side Games, all of our future games will be born from our Swill and Spill.

Made it this far? We like your style, so give us your feedback, play our games or come work with us!


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